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Primo Vino NW Wine Experience presented by The Virginia Blues Boys    Enjoy a glass of fine wine in the Wine Pavilion. A portion of proceeds from the sale of this extraordinary collection of wines, curated by Dave Lareau and his blues cohorts, are generously donated to our three local food pantries by these good humans who make the trek all the way out here from the East Coast each year to walk the talk.   We are proud to call them friends and partners.

The R&B Marketplace   Browse arts and crafts to your heart’s content while listening to some of the best live music you’ll find anywhere.  

THINGS TO DO IN THE AREA: Saturday, August 10 is Jazz and Oysters, Featuring the Ilwaco High Jazz Band. Teacher Rachel Lake does an amazing job with these kids. In fact, I don’t think she’d call it a job! Also, the fabulous Pearl Django, and finally Patrick Lamb. In between J&O and the Peninsula Blues Festival, check out Ledbetter State Park at the penultimate end of the Peninsula. At the other end is Cape Disappointment State Park, which includes the historic Cape D lighthouse. You can actually go to the top of the lighthouse, where you can see China. Just kidding, but the 360 degree view is spectacular. The Long Beach Peninsula has a lot of cranberry bogs, and the Cranberry Museum is a wealth of knowledge about them! Marsh’s Free Museum is the host of Jake The Alligator Man. Stop in and see him. The Kite Museum on Sid Snyder Drive is full of……kites! The go cart track is fun for everyone. Drive Safely! Come and enjoy all the peninsula has to offer, and stay for two weekends of great Jazz and Blues!

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